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Choosing a Caterer

“Good BBQ isn’t cheap…and Cheap BBQ isn’t good”

We use expensive cuts of meat in our BBQ & Steak catering. I feel you are hiring us for an event, not just for a plate of something to eat. If you simply want cheap food, there are plenty of BBQ restaurants around for that.

Your guests will thank you in the long run for your choice in hiring us. Our portions are full and satisfying, and no one walks away hungry.

No Shortcuts

Our signature Texas Briskets are smoked 16-18 hours. Proper preparation is key to producing a tender, juicy, flavor filled brisket. We believe if you’re passionate enough to do BBQ, you do it right or don’t do it it all.

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Years of experience

With over 40 years of BBQ experience, and 10 years on the Professional BBQ and Steak competition circuits, we know how to do BBQ & Steak, and do it right. The end results to you are more than just a meal, it’s a dining experience your guests will remember.


Thumbtack Best Pro of 2015